Thursday, May 30, 2013

CSTC Format

Click the link below for a .pdf of the format for the Colby Solomon Memorial Tater Cup...

CSTC Format (Click Here) 

If you have any other questions about entry forms, rules or format, email me:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

2013 Entry List

Entries are starting to roll in for the CSTC:


#25 Stephen Smith Kuna, Idaho
#33 Trevin Roberts Caldwell, Idaho

Box Stock:
#7 Noah Tveidt Caldwell, Idaho
#13 DJ Sirani Oasis, Idaho
#15T Megan Torkelson Fruitland, Idaho
#77 Amber Lemrick Middleton, Idaho
#88 Blake Hartman Boise, Idaho

Hot Rod:
#69 Adam Bennett Boise, Idaho
#81 Cristian Duncan Meridian, Idaho

#9 Donovan Barr Nampa, Idaho

Jr. 500:
#7 Cody Fuller Boise, Idaho
#13 Jesse Fuller Boise, Idaho
#14 Mathew Hardy Parma, Idaho
#44 Jarrod McIntyre Caldwell, Idaho
#81 Quentin Duncan Meridian, Idaho
#86 Brett Quenzer Caldwell, Idaho
#93 CJ Stirm Nampa, Idaho

250 Midget:
#2 Berry Dykema Caldwell, Idaho
#03 Levi Jones Nampa, Idaho
#4 Ken Boyce Caldwell, Idaho.
#5 Rich Montes Caldwell, Idaho
#11 Dan Abbott Nampa, Idaho

#10 Steve Evans Garden City, Idaho
#14 Jason Hardy Parma, Idaho
#35 Rich Jerrett Sr. Mountain Home, Idaho
#39 David Broome Nampa, Idaho
#51 Dusty Tveidt Caldwell, Idaho
#66 Glen Roberts Caldwell, Idaho

500 Outlaw:
#2J Steve Jacinto Lemoore, California
#3 Ben Hinkle Meridian, Idaho
#8 Dana Evans Garden City, Idaho
#9s Gary Solomon Nampa, Idaho
#9s Rob Solomon Fresno, California
#12 Tanner Broome Nampa, Idaho
#22 Brandon McIntyre Caldwell, Idaho
#23 Michael Jones Nyssa, Oregon
#24 Insane Zane Lee Boise, Idaho
#28 Dillon Lambirth Boise, Idaho
#29s Tony Pombo Fresno, California
#33 Nick Isaacson Boise, Idaho
#35 Rich Jerrett Sr. Mountain Home, Idaho
#40 Tommy Connell Meridian, Idaho
#46 Brenna Lee Boise, Idaho
#59 Chuck Connell Meridian, Idaho
#TBD Austin Hager Meridian, Idaho

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

CS Tater Cup Bonus

This years Colby Solomon Memorial Tater Cup winner will also receive an added cash bonus. The Tater Cup & the Tater Bonus will both be awarded to the driver who totals the highest points for the weekends events.

250 Midgets: $100 + sponsor additions.
+$100 RaTT Graphics
Current Total: $200

Desperados: $100 + sponsor additions.
+$100 RaTT Graphics
Current Total: $200

500 Outlaw: $100 + sponsor additions.
+$500 RaTT Graphics
Current Total: $600

Friday, May 10, 2013

J & W Custom Homes, Moxie Java Kuna...

This years Colby Solomon Memorial Tater Cup trophies will be sponsored by J & W Custom Homes and Moxie Java Kuna. Thanks to the Bell family for their support of the Tater Cup over the years. Watch the website this weekend for pre-entry forms and more updates!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Tater Cup Dot Com Launched...

The Colby Solomon Memorial Tater Cup at SRP is coming June 22-23, 2013. Stay tuned to this website for race info, pre-entry forms, purse updates and more!